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Sigiriya was an interregnum of great excitement. Built by Kashyapa who killed his father to gain his wealth, this literal fortress in the sky, is a masterpiece of construction, artistry and irrigation. It was a resort of pleasure, a citadel of beauty and fortress of strength. Sigiriya has been made famous through out the world for the frescoes on its rock wall. The Heavenly Maidens, preserved as part of the world's artistic heritage. While the frescoes are certainly captivating, there is much more to see and discover at Sigiriya, which was later a monastery.

The Vatadage complex of temples, with the Temple of the Tooth Relic and the Nissanka Lata Mandapaya all show the heights of stonecraft and artistry which prevailed in this period of Lanks's history.



Hotel Rating Location Room Rate in US $ Room Type Validity period
Hotel Sigiriya   Sigiriya 94 111 150 SUPERIOR - BB 01-11-2011 - 20-12-2011
Jetwing Vil Uyana   Sigiriya 332 358 501 PADDY FIELD/MARSH VILLA - BB 01-11-2011 - 20-12-2011
Jetwing Vil Uyana   Sigiriya 410 436 579 WATER/FOREST DWELLING - BB 01-11-2011 - 20-12-2011
Sigiriya Village   Sigiriya 104 117 169  STANDARD A/C - BB 01-11-2011 - 14-12-2011
Sigiriya Village   Sigiriya 117 130 182 SUPERIOR A/C - BB 01-11-2011 - 14-12-2011





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