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Matale is a town in the hill country of Sri Lanka, 142 kilometres (90 miles) from Colombo and 26 kilometres (17 miles) from Kandy. It is an area steeped in history and village living. The mayor of matale is Hilmy Careem, as of May, 2006.

The Matale administrative district also contains the historic Sigiriya rock castle, Aluwihare Temple and Dambulla Cave Temple. Surrounding the town are the Knuckles foothills called Wiltshire. It is a mainly agriculural area, where tea, rubber, vegetable and spice cultivation dominate. Knuckles mountains are special landmark of matale

The Aluvihare Temple, on the North side of the town, is the historic location where the Pali Canon was first written down completely in text on ola (palm) leaves. Situated near Aluvihare are numerous monastery caves, some of which exhibit fine frescoes.




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